ASK's School Beliefs

  1. A partnership among families, teachers, and students is essential for successful learning.
  2. Successful students require a safe, supportive, and rigorous learning environment.
  3. Education encompasses the development of the whole individual: academic, aesthetic, creative, social, physical, and emotional.
  4. Learning empowers the individual and expands options throughout life.
  5. Students’ active engagement in their own learning is a key to their ongoing success.
  6. The diversity of our school community is one of our greatest assets.
  7. An enriching school experience encourages independent thinking, fosters self-esteem, and builds self-confidence.
  8. Innovative technologies and methodologies support problem-based learning.
  9. Every individual has inherent worth.

We have a truly international student and teacher community and that makes us dynamic and unique...and fun! Mrs. Becky Ness, ASK Superintendent